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inkOUTBREAK : Discover, and Follow Online Comics
Everyday THOUSANDS of webcomics update with new content, inkOUTBREAK helps keep it all in check. We try to simplify reading webcomics, so you can just take a quick break during your day, or have a full dive into some great long-form webcomics.

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So Many Webcomics, So Little Time
You will be amazed how many webcomics update everyday. With thousands of comics to choose from you will almost never have a day without something new to read. Everything is streamlined, to help you get the most out of this unique medium in the least amount of time.

Read At Your Pace
No matter how many comics you follow, ink will let you know when they update, and keep your right where you left off. That means no more spoilers by seeing the most recent update first, no extra steps having to click links in an RSS feed. You will go from taking an hour to read your favorite comics, to a quick coffee break.

Long Form Comics
Ever have a hard time getting into longform comics or just hate the spoilers when trying to find where you left off? Let them stack up on ink, and pick it back up where you left off. Each time the comic updates you can choose to PAUSE the comic until next time you log in, leaving it up to you when you are going to catch up with some binge reading of your favorite story.

This is Your List
With thousands of comics to follow, you are bound to find some that are just not your thing. With a simple click you can lock out comics, and their creators from hopping into your comic QUEUE and social feed. If you ever want to give them a second chance, you just need to check your settings.

Everyone Is Different
So many webcomics sites will tell you who to follow, what comics are "the best", well doesn't that change for each individual? We built ink around finding out what matters to YOU. This mean every comic you follow, every update you thumb up, every tag you select counts towards and overall path for webcomics. After you are done reading your favorites, ink will be giving you suggestions for new comics to read based on this path.

It does not just stop there, also if you have friends or follow creators on ink they can influence what you are reading as well. If they have horrible suggestions, you can always ignore the the specific suggestions.

Keeping Up To Date : Socially
Not only does ink keep you up to date with your comics, but as you follow comics it begins to build a list of creators to keep you up to date with. This isn't just "Hey I updated my comic", alot of creators post jokes and some behind the scene looks at the creative process behind their comic as well as desert pictures. These feeds come in from both tumblr and twitter, with no need to have an account except for your ink account.

Also in your social feed you will see what your friends are up to as far as reading, new favorites, and forum posts.

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InkOutbreak is a project started by Brian King in 2010 to help readers find new comics and keep track of them. The site is kept up and running by donations, and our 2013 indiegogo. If you have any questions feel free to send them to ( support at inkoutbreak ).
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