Greetings from Earth has a home!
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    For anyone who has followed along for the last year my web comic underwent a bit of catastrophe after losing an important bank account tied to the lease of it's old domain name, followed by a number of unusual circumstances, then a restart after some encouragement, then another domain name going tits up, and so on... 2012 was a very crazy year.  Thanks to a recent crowd funding campaign though unsuccessful in achieving the rest of the goals set I was able to lease a new URL for the next 3 years, so I am the proud renter of the domain name and should have no problems extending that lease far into the future.  I have changed the format from the 6 panel twice weekly gags and short story runs to separate chapters of a single story based on some of my past short story writing for Yahoo Contributor Network.  The new GFE starts off with the story of the aliens arrival here on Earth and how they got stuck here. 

    I am 44 pages in to the first chapter which will be concluding in about 3 weeks and starting on the next.

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    Good to hear you are back on track David. You may want to take some time to update all of your listings on different sites like Top Web Comics, just so that everyone has the same URL. :)