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    Have any of you ever bought any merch for any of your favorite webcomics?  If not, what would tempt you?

    I have a Cyanide and Happiness book kicking around somewhere, but that's it.
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    I have bought 3 books 2 shirts and chipped in for a few kickstarter things

    If something is good enough to share with a buddy then its worth grabbing a copy for the coffee table I think.
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    I have definitely bought a lot of material from my favorite webcomics creators, especially when I see them at conventions!

    Besides getting a chance to actually meet the artist/writer in person, the thing that temps me to buy directly from them is that they usually personalize their books.

    I usually don't buy things off of websites, if that's what you're asking. I don't like to pay for shipping and make it possible for my order to be lost in the mail or damaged.

    But here I am trying to see my own stuff online... :)
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    I have bought T-shirts and books from Penny Arcade, also books from PVP-Online, Dork Tower and Starslip. Most of it, though, I got at San Diego Comic-Con, over the past few years.
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    Books. Especially ones with commentary or some sort of additional content. Other benefits would be that they're much easier to share with others (being in print makes people worry less about bad quality), and it gives me a permanent copy of the work.

    Can't say I've ever bought a webcomic t-shirt.
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    I chip into kickstarters, buy books from people I really dig. I always get it personalized if I can.

    Prints, I have a few from cons but they were gifts.
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    "being in print makes people worry less about bad quality"

    Very true!  Seems to legitimize it in many people's minds.
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    Like others here, I've purchased some books and supported KickStarters.