Redoing creators section
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    I will be giving quite the overhaul to the creators section.... including adding a few things 

    Multiple users for comic management
    twitter feeds
    email alerts
    karma management ( ad purchasing / promo buy ins )

    ways to find similar comics to your own
    the ability to see where you show up in peoples queues

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    I have a question about the karma management/ad purchasing.

    Do you get 3000 karma when you spend $5 to "Support Ink"? If so, why do you only get 1 karma if you spend $10 for a karma boost?
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    I cant seem to get the KARMA to pop onto peoples accounts after buying "Support ink".......... I am still chipping away when I have time. For right now I will just do it manually...

    Going to make it so its the only way to donate.... I want to make sure supporters no matter how small get SOMETHING back. :)
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