Ipad viewing issue.
  • So
    when trying to view the comics with my IPad I am ok on the ink main page. But
    when I browse to the creator’s page with the little Ink bar at the top
    it almost
     is as if the part of the page I can view on my screen
    turns into a picture and when I try to scroll it drags the whole page and
    doesn't move down. What I have now noticed is that it will work with Safari in
    PORTRAIT mode but not landscape. So this will get us by till there is a fix. I
    am going to try and find a screen shot app so I can attach a picture that might
    help explain this a little better.

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    I made a quick fix for CSS on the iframe, I will dig a bit deeper this weekend....
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    I do a lost of browsing on the iPad and have noticed this issue too.